There are many ways to raise a new product, from an economic standpoint, from an aesthetic approach, even from a technological innovation. TECNOMEC development always starts with quality.

Our inverters MUST meet always higher and demanding quality standards that we impose to ourselves.

For TECNOMEC is not enough to comply with the regulations in force of each region of the planet where we sell our equipment, but must fully comply with all its functions in more adverse and demanding conditions found in each job, from the most robotized plant in Germany, to the remotest Siberian oil pipeline.

Image quality

The test we carry out to our inverter welding and metal-cutting machines are increasingly hard before they access the market: electrical insulation, mechanical stress, overheating, anti-humidity, electromagnetic interference from and toward the power supply, all these are tested and approved in the production process of a TECNOMEC inverter.

Of course in strict compliance with European regulations in the field of WEEE recycling, environmental protection RoHS, EN61000 energy saving and electric arc welding characteristics EN60974, as well as meeting nowadays even with the specific regulations of other countries such as Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian PCT or Japanese JETRO.

What is quality for us?

For TECNOMEC quality means everything that leads to customer’s satisfaction. In general the concept of quality is very subjective, depending on each user, this concept acquires a different nuance.

For TECNOMEC we can summarize quality in different points:

Try TECNOMEC, you will be satisfied.

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