Plasma Cutters

Irin 29k

Irin 29k

Inverter IGBT technology machine, for plasma cutting with 25 A  at 35% duty cycle according to standard EN60974-1, RoHS, WEEE and CE.

Power supply 230V ± 15% 50/60Hz single phase.

Maximum cutting capacity 10mm in carbon steel.

Pilot arc without high frequency (from tip electrode contact).

This equipment is specially designed (Flyback system) to work with very long extension cord and thin section (50m x 1.5 mm ²).

It is also highly recommended for use with generators and incorporating G-box system that protects the computer against any over and under voltage peaks.

The great advantage of this machine is that it incorporates a small air compressor inside that allows to work with only one electricity connection.

The minimum current is designed for cutting sheets of 0.8mm stuck without damaging the bottom, very specific application in the world of car body repair.

The most common uses of this equipment are: mounting external, industrial maintenance, installation of vent pipe, car body repair, ...