TECNOMEC, consists of a group of people including engineers, technical, commercial and workers whose final objective and priority is excellence in their work and customer satisfaction regarding their products.

For TECNOMEC each of our machines is more than an inverter welding or metal-cutting device, is a legacy of our personality and knowledge we want to represent us with dignity and for a long time in the market.

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TECNOMEC has evolved exponentially in the last 15 years, offering then no more than 3 products and now nearly 50 different solutions for the professional metallurgy, welding and cutting metals.

From the comments, opinions and advice we receive from our network of distributors and customers, we strive to develop welding and cutting equipment with the most advanced inverter technology to meet the needs of the greater number and more diverse range of professional metallurgists.

Our philosophy is clear, innovative ideas, latest technology and spanish production.

For TECNOMEC customers' satisfaction is the first objective, the success in sales or market is a logical consequence of a well done job. TECNOMEC, top-quality guaranteed.

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